ID Service Rate per 1000 Min order Max order

High Quality monetized channel

7 Quality monetized channel - Delivery in less than week- $249 $249000.00 1 10
In link space below, add your email you want the channel to be moved on. As soon as we got your request, we add you as owner of the channel and email you.

Along with the channel you will also get.
💥Very detailed Tips to keep the channel monetized and get traction on YouTube
💥Free AdSense if you don't have one.
💥Contact of content creators who can create good content for your channel.
💥Life time support for all of your questions. any time!
💥CHANGEABLE NICHE: You can rebrand the channel to any name or niche you want.
As you know there is a case YouTube team look back at a channel. If the channel is not monetized with original video they might demonetize this time. But mine is monetized with original video. No demonetization issue at all✌

For faster delivery, consider contacting me in advance before making payment for the channel using email, ticket, messenger button on the site or message me on my main fb account. don't worry I always check my message request and reply within few hrs :)

Fast YouTube 4K Watch hour Service

27 YouTube Watch Time [Video must be 60 Mins ] [Speed: 100 - 200 Hours Per Day] $24.90 100 4000
✔ 60 minutes video
✔ Link: Your video link
✔Quantity must be multiple of 100

This service work on 1hr videos
If your video is 1hr long:
1000 order = 1000 hours
2000 order = 2000 hours
3000 order = 3000 hours
4000 order = 4000 hours

Note: Don't place watch hr service and subscriber at the same time. place watch hr. first, wait for it to get completed then order your subscriber or vice versa.

YouTube Subscribers

9 YouTube subscribers [refill -30 days] Start in 1hr Finish in 2 days - Non drop $55.89 100 50000
This service have to be placed only after your watch hr is delivered and require at least one single video that is 3min long on your channel.
Once placed the subs get delivered in 2 days and there is no drop issue.

Note. Don't place this order if you have running watch hr service on your channel. place it after watch hr is completed or place this service first, wait for it to get completed then order your watch hour.

AdSense Account

8 Any Country AdSense account for YouTube - Delivery 1-3 Days - Free replacement if something happened $49000.00 1 10
Enter your email on Link space on which a login details have to be sent. we check your request and send the login details with in 24hr - 72 hrs max.
Open a ticket and provide us a country with which you want the AdSense to be created with.

YouTube Views - Likes - Share - Comment

30 YouTube views - Life time - best speed | Source :Recommendation $2.83 1000 1000000
Link: Your video link
Start: 30min
Speed: 5k-7k/day
Refill: Lifetime

Note: If your old views drop, we will not refill.
Source of views: Mixed
29 YouTube views - Life time - best speed | best retention $2.78 100 1000000
Link: your video link
Start: 30 min
Speed: 500-2k Views Per Day
Refill: Lifetime
Retention: 1 - 20 minutes
Device: Desktop
Source: Mixed

Note: Premiered video, Live stream video Not accepted/ Not allowed
31 YouTube - video Likes ~ Maximum 200k ~ 𝗥𝗘𝗙𝗜𝗟𝗟 30D~ 5k/days $2.14 50 500000
Start: 0-5 min
Speed: 50k Per Day
Refill: 30 days

Drop: When we added this services, we found a 0% drop.
Quality: Accounts are real accounts.

YouTube Short

15 YouTube Short Likes [Refill: 30 Days] $2.00 10 100000
17 YouTube Shorts Views [World Wide] [Refill: Non Drop] $2.25 100 2000000
16 YouTube SHORTS Views Min 20k $2.50 25000 10000000